Vision of a Sustainable Planet

Offering Eco-Friendly Architecture and Design

Vision of a Sustainable Planet

Offering Eco-Friendly Architecture and Design

Your One-Stop Solution to Sustainable Architecture

Studio M Doll specializes in designing and constructing sustainable and environment-friendly spaces anywhere from an office in Cedarberg Wisconsin. The architecture of the living spaces we create is both beautiful and sustainable.

We work closely with you to understand your needs and preferences, ensuring that every project is customized to your unique lifestyle. We believe sustainable design benefits the environment and promotes a healthy lifestyle for you.

Sustainability: Our Core Approach to Construction

Sustainability is at the core of our design and architecture. We use materials that are both beautiful and environmentally friendly. Through our architecture, we prioritize natural light, fresh air, and open spaces that encourage physical activity and relaxation.

In our design, we incorporate eco-friendly features like passive solar heating and cooling and rainwater harvesting to reduce your carbon footprint.

Scope of Work

As architects, we are involved in projects from start to finish. We typically provide full architectural design and consultancy services through the construction phase.

Our design skill and job scope extends beyond architectural services to include the following:

  • Interior Design
  • Master Planning
  • Landscape Design
  • Exhibition Design Services

Creativity With Light

We believe that light is life. It is the crucial tint in the architect’s palette and is synonymous to beauty. That is why lightness, transparency, and beauty are central to our work.

Our job as your architect involves finding innovative methods to manipulate light. This means means diffusing natural light over a world-class art collection, angling a roof so a new building does not cast shadow over a city park, and more.

Rest assured our agency has the creativity and expertise to sculpt light in groundbreaking new ways.

Your Vision and Genius Loci

Listening is primordial. We take the time to listen to our client’s needs and vision.

We also strive to understand the genius loci, the essence and stories of the site itself. This way, we can design and build structures with an awareness of their unique surroundings. For those in dense urban areas, dialogue is sought with existing buildings.

Building Responsibly

This desire to tread softly applies to our environmental footprint too. That is why we design piazzas, gardens, living rooms, and walls as sustainably as possible.

We optimize cutting-edge technology including photovoltaic panels and cells to help each building or space generate self-sustaining energy.

Reach Out to Us Today

If you are interested in building a sustainable and environment-friendly space, contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you design an architecture that is both beautiful and sustainable.